Lower Arm Right

Lower Arm Right


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Brand: Mapco Germany

Product Code: MA 52731

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If you are suffering handling problems or bad tracking, or your car feels like it is 'leaning' or not responding well, then you may have a suspension arm issue. The suspension arm is an integral part of your car's suspension system and helps support the vehicle body above the chassis and axles. It is important that your suspension arms are working efficiently as they play a vitally important role in helping dissipate shock and making sure that your car is handling properly. Suspension arms for every make and model of car are vital components of car's suspension system.
The most common problem is that of the bushes wearing out causing unwanted movement leading to terrible noise. It is important to check them regularly for any signs of damage or degradation through wear and tear.

Other Info
Fitment Position Front Axle Right
To Fit Fabia 2006-2011 1.2 Tdi,1.2P,1.4 Tdi,1.4P Polo 2010-2013 1.2P,1.2D,1.6P Rapid 2012-2013 1.6 Tdi
Steering Type Control Arm
Supplementary Without Ball Joint
Suitable For Ball Joint 52744
Qty Required 1.0

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