Oil Filter Diesel

Oil Filter Diesel


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Brand: Mapco Germany

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Oil Filter usually found on the engine block, the oil filter is designed to protect your car engine by trapping any large and potentially damaging particles in the oil. It's vital that your filter is kept clean, as a clogged filter can quickly prevent your engine form being properly lubricated. The advice is to replace oil filters regularly with many manufacturers recommending a change every 7,000 to 15,000 Kms. 

Other Info
To Fit Audi A4 (8EC) 2.0 Tdi (2006-2009), Audi A6 (4F2) 2.0 Tdi (2005-2012), Skoda Laura (1Z3) 2.0 Tdi, 1.8 Fsi (2004-2009), Skoda Superb (3T4) 1.8 Tsi, 2.0 Tdi (2008-2013, VW Jetta (1K2) 2.0 Tdi (2005-2010), VW Passat (3C2) 2.0 Tdi (2006-2011)

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