Fabia Axle Rod Ball Jt R/L

Fabia Axle Rod Ball Jt R/L


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Brand: Mapco Germany

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Track Rod Ends are fitted to each end of the steering rack, and are adjusted to set the tracking. A critical component of your steering system, they consist of an inner and outer track rod. The outer track rod is connected to the steering knuckle on the wheel and the inner to the steering rack and pinion. Loose track rods will cause excessive play, bad wheel alignment and poor control. If you start to notice the car 'shimmying', it is time to get your track rods replaced. Always use quality track rods and be sure to check on line to find a wide range of track rods for any car.A track rod end is the end of your steering track. It's a flexible steering link in the form of a small ball joint that connects the tie rods to the steering knuckles. Whilst some are sealed other may require greasing every 10000 Km.

Other Info
Fitment Position Front Axle Right & Left
Image If there is a Brand shown in the picture above in some cases this may differ from the Brand supplied.
Thread M14 X 1.5
Thread 2 M14 X 1.5
To Fit Skoda Fabia 1.2 Tdi, 1.2 P, 1.4 Tdi, 1.4P (2006-2011), VW Polo 1.2 P, 1.2 D, 1.6 P (2010-2013)
Qty Required 2.0
Overall Length 321.0 mm

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