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Air Filter


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Brand: Mapco Germany

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Air Filter

Your cars air filter prevents airborne debris such as dust, leaves and other abrasives finding their way in to the engine's cylinders where it can mix with the lubricating oil and form an abrasive compound. This will cause wear to the cylinders, pistons and bearings causing permanent damage. If your air filter is left neglected it will get dirty and blocked preventing your engine from sucking enough air into the combustion chamber, this will potentially cause your car to run rough and lose power due to the air fuel ratio being too rich. We recommend that you check the filter size and shape of your air filter with the picture and dimensions available to ensure correct fitment.

Other Info
To Fit Audi A4 (8K2) 1.8 Tfsi, 2.0 Tdi (2010-2014), Audi Q5 (8R) 2.0 Tdi, 3.0 Tdi Quattro (2008-2012)
Width 128.0 mm
Height 59.0 mm
Length 322.0 mm

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